How it works

Competition in the digital space can be a confusing but still increasingly important step for all companies, brands and e-commerce. We help create your website, define a digital marketing strategy and hosting solution that works for you.


1. Brief

Projects we work on start with an initial briefing, in which we get to know you and your business, and discuss the scope of the project.

We go through your needs, restraints and possible assets. And  set an initial budget and timeline estimate.

2. Proposal

We create an initial proposal about how we plan to work with the requirements and restraints. Present mock-ups and concepts. And propose an agreement about budget and timeline.

3. Design

Now we dive deep into the project. We turn the concepts and mock-ups in full functioning designs. We stay in contact and implement feedback and other changes.

4. Feedback

When the project is started, we keep in constant contact with feedback and changes. A quick and easy process.

website consultation

5. Launch

The project is launched online and documentation is submitted, we go through the entire project how everything works.

6. Updates

Upon agreement, we can provide security, content and functionality updates.

Website Review