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NKPG Design

NKPG Design was founded in 2021 and was inspired by the pandemic. As some businesses capitalized on a remote world, I spoke with people who felt weary for the future being more digital.

My goal became clear; finding simple and cheap solutions for small businesses to improve digital visibility through branding, digital marketing, websites, hosting solutions, and creative consulting.

Norrköping Sweden
Norrköping sweden

Made For The Internet

Sometimes all you need is a kick start to rethink ways to reach clients or talk to customers.

Every business grows and develops at their own pace, there’s no one size fits all solution, not every business benefits from all possible technological advances.

That is why I won’t try to sell you on anything complex. All I want is to empower people to start in a way suits them.


We are located in beautiful Norrköping, Sweden. Get in touch; we’d like to get to know you, your business, and discuss how we can service you.

Norrköping Sweden