About Us

NKPG Design was founded by Marvin and Laura Ljungqvist in 2021. Our goal is on finding simple and cheap solutions for small businesses in going online.

We offer branding, digital marketing, websites and hosting solutions, and consulting around all these fields.

Our focus is to help people kick start their digital strategy, and rethink ways companies can reach clients. You may want a website, or want more from the website they have now, and we want to help you start.

Going online may feel like a popularity contest, but we believe that being authentic is the strongest recommendation for any online business.

By starting today, you can learn from your progress what’s the best path forward for your business, and grow at your own pace. 

We run our business from beautiful Norrköping, Sweden. Our team is small, keeping our work client focused.

We hope you get in touch, we’d like to get to know you and your business, and discuss how we can service you.