Showcase: Sunsafe

Website, brand identity and a digital marketing campaign in celebration of Sunsafe's new store location.
Sunsafe garagedoor
Sunsafe garagedoor


Sunsafe is a family owned business from Norrköping Sweden. In 2020 we did a complete overhaul of the website, including expanding the brand identity for the new store location, making the website mobile friendly and running a digital marketing campaign.


The goal for this project was to do a complete design overhaul, build onto the Sunsafe brand identity in a light theme design, and prepare the website for more content, such as product and customer service information.

Color Palette

The Sunsafe assets included a color style guide, which combined an orange, grey, white and black. We expanded to the color palette, by adding a darker orange, light and dark green, to compliment the  original lighter orange Sunsafe color.

The choice was made due to the origional sunsafe color looking very differently printed as it did digitally. The origional color selection hadn’t taken the difference between RGB and CMYK. It felt like a natural choice to including an orange that looks more similar to the printed color.

We combined those two oranges with two greens that compliment the two orange colors. Together all 4 colors give an all season feel, which accommodate seasonal advertisements and branded content.

Sunsafe - Styleguide (2020)
Sunsafe - Styleguide (2020)


To continue with the theme of simplifying and modernizing the Sunsafe brand identity, we made an update to its logo.

The original Sunsafe logo included yellow, with two shades of grey. The change we made made the color uniform. Making the logo easier matched with different colors, such as the colors on the updated color palette.


The website was divided up into four different sections; web shop, tips & advice, customer service and contact. Each of these sections would be styled into the four different Sunsafe brand colors.

The primary colors are yellow and orange, and two shades of green functions as secondary colors. It’s a light theme, with a simple layout. With a fixed menu, and elements such as contact button, that function as a tour guide to visitors.

View Live Website

This design includes movement and is best viewed on the live website.