What Excites Us About The WordPress 5.8 Update

On 20 Jul 2021, WordPress released the 5.8 update, and we cannot wait to test it all out and create beautiful new work with it. Here are some of the features that excite us.
Wordpress 5.8 Update
Wordpress 5.8 Update

Easier To Implement Design Cohesion

With the introduction of Block Widgets, WordPress now allows its users to use the same easy to use blocks for widgets. This feature was already implemented for the page and post editors, and can now be use for elements which reappear on across different pages.

And with the new Blocks and Patterns, it’s become easier to display content based on specific categories. This includes for example adding lists of posts relevant to the topic of a page.

With new filters you can now adjust images within WordPress, such as a color filter, shadow and highlights, and integrate images in an easier way within your design.

The familiar block editor is where the you can now activate and edit the theme of a group of pages and posts. And you can conveniently switch back and forth from theme editing back to the page or post you were working on.

More Convenient Workflow

With the new WordPress 5.8 update, you can now get a visual list of the structure of the posts and pages you are working on. This makes it easier to switch between content and blocks, and navigate between them.

The new Pattern Transformation tool learns from your website, to suggest pattern its previously found on your website. Making it easier to get inspired by previous designs, and keep site wide cohesion.

Faster Websites with WebP

And last, but certainly not least, one of our favorite additions is the support of WebP. With WebP you can make your websites load even faster, as they can be much smaller than traditional image formats.

Making this update to WordPress great for you, your visitors and all WordPress developers. Read the WordPress 5.8 Field Guide for more information.