Showcase: What Happened Here

Brand identity, website and video game concept for a fictional game; “What Happened Here”.
What Happened Here website
What Happened Here website


The concept for this project is to create a brand identity, website and video game world building for a fictional game called “What Happened Here”.

The game is played on Planet Earth, in which players explore by flying, solo or in multiplayer, and uncover what happened in different locations on the pale blue planet.

Back Story

The inspiration for this project was a dream that felt like I was in a video game. It’s an attempt to visualize the great vastness of the space which I felt I was occupying.

Whilst I’ve had created only short stories before, this was an attempt at world building at a global scale. As the story was taking shape, so did some of the characters, interactions, and eventually an interface concept.

This is an ongoing project, that I doubt will ever be “finished”, but gives me great joy.

Brand Identity

The core of the brand needed to include a futuristic human identity. To accomplish this we looked at some other attempts to accomplish this, which lead us to Esperanto as a central language. But also encourage us to be inspired by Star Trek, Black Mirror and Firefly.

The color palette was taken directly from the photo of Planet Eart taken by NASA, including a deep blue, green, black, white, light beige and brown.


The concept website create for this project attempts to show a variety of beautiful landscapes, giving a close up view. And also showing a snapshot of Earth taken from space, to give the viewer a sight of the bigger picture.

We did this to both show the vastness of the project, the endless possibilities but also attempt to make it feel close enough that you personally can connect with it.


This design includes movement and is best viewed within the live demo.