Made For The Internet This Month (#02)

Made For The Internet This Month

We’ve made a small collection of some of the interesting things happening on the internet. Amazon Automatically Opted in its users to its Sidewalk program, Wes Bos wrote a vaccine bot, WordPress Shared Hack Recovery Guidance and Facebook and Apple continue their fued.

Wes Bos Wrote A Vaccine Bot

Canada based developer Wes Bos from the Syntax podcast, frustrated with the vaccine sign up available to him, decided to write himself a vaccine bot. After reverse engineering the sign up  on different websites, on for example CVS and Wallgreens, he wrote a bot that alerted him when a vaccine sign up was available. He launched it in a Telegram group for his friends and famaly, and managed to get himself and his wife dates to get vaccinated without having to check several websites individually.

Amazon Automatically Opted in its users to its Sidewalk program

The Amazon Sidewalk project is a giant wireless network its created with all its Alexa, Echo, Ring and security cam devices and softwares. The innovation itself came as a suprise to the users, as Amazon automatically opted in its users, without asking them permission first before doing so. Luckily turning it back off is relatively easy.

  1. Open the Alexa app
  2. Open More and select Settings
  3. Select Account Settings
  4. Select Amazon Sidewalk
  5. Turn Amazon Sidewalk Off

WordPress Shared Hack Recovery Guidance

In a live stream, WordPress shared some of the ways developers and users can protect themselves and recover from hacks. Providing an Incident Response Plan and additional guidance, they hope to make its community stronger.

Facebook and Apple Continue Their Fued

In the ongoing battle of big tech companies, Apple and Facebook are in a tug of war over privacy and marketing. Apple has introduced a new feature in its new IOS which would alert users of apps that collect their data and give them easy access to decline, and this appears to be a direct conflict for Facebook,  who has taken the stance that small businesses need this data to optimize their marketing to a specialized audience.

The latest came during Apples annual conference, when Mark Zuckerberg announced it would continue not to charge creators until atleast 2023. Apple takes between 15-30% commission for the apps on its platform.

Welcome to “This Month Made For The Internet”, a series in which we will update you on some of the happenings on the internet regarding design, web development and digital marketing.