Why we choose WordPress

We choose WordPress for bigger and smaller projects, independent bloggers and e-commerce businesses. The popular CMS is easy to update and customize, for smaller and bigger teams.
why we choose WordPress
why we choose WordPress

What is a CMS

CMS stands for Content Management System. In short it is a software used to manage content of a website, such as all its pages, images and posts. It can give those managing a website, quick access to edit content on a variety of devices, including mobile.

In the case of WordPress, it is an easy to use interface that gives easy access to a team of people to work on  a website, manage versions and add features.

WordPress is popular

As of 2021, WordPress runs 455 million websites, making it one of the most popular Content Management System. This is about 37% of all websites and 62% of CMS websites.

Easy Customization And Mobile-Friendly

Fundamentally, WordPress provides an interface that makes website customization accessible to beginners, whilst retaining the advanced development capabilities, which some other services restrict.

Additionally, we recommend using Elementor with WordPress. It adds additional features and makes customizing your website easy for anyone, with a simple drag-and-drop. Preview in both desktop and mobile, to enhance the user experience.

Easy To Create And Update Content

Keep your content fresh. Simply add new blog posts, photos and videos to your website. Add new pages and give your pages a design update. Ask us about our custom digital marketing strategy plans.

In WordPress, creating new pages and posts is made simple through their interface, which be accessed both from desktop, mobile and other handheld devices.

Fast, Secure And Cost Effective

WordPress delivers “Big Bang for your Buck”. As one of the most popular CRMs, it can give you the tools to take control of your digital business.

One of the biggest advantages about WordPress for website developers is that WordPress is open source. This means it’s easy for developers to create addons, in the forms of plugins, for others to use.

Many people and businesses have contributed in this way. And there’s now a massive library of  features, in the form of plugins, that can easily be added to a website. Some of these plugins cost money, however many are free or work on a freemium model, with additional paid features.

Get started today

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