Showcase: Slow Magic

Fan-made website concept for musician "Slow Magic", inspired their latest single "Breathless".
Slow Magic
Slow Magic


The concept for this work was to create a fan-made website for the musician “Slow Magic”. The design was inspired by the artists’ latest single “Breathless” and features pastel pinks as its color palette.

The main idea was to keep it simple, short and highlight the most important features:

  • the music
  • where to find them on different social media platforms
  • and most importantly, highlight the latest single

This concept took 48h to create from idea to presentation. Creating concepts like these are a great way of showing what is possible and exploring bigger ideas before moving to production. However turning this into a functioning website that is search optimized, speed optimized, etc, will take additional work hours to accomplish.


This design includes movement and is best viewed within the live demo.