Showcase: Laura Ljungqvist Design

Laura Ljungqvist's digital portfolio, including commercial work, self-initiated projects and interests around her professional focus.
Laura Ljungqvist Design
Laura Ljungqvist Design

Collection of Work & projects is a collection of commercial work and self-initiated projects. The design of this evolving online portfolio was initiated in 2016. As most of my private and professional projects involve both digital and printed work, the ability for a cross over between the two was very important in this project.

Laura Ljungqvist Focus
Focus screenshot

Commercial Work

The portfolio includes a portion of Laura’s commercial work with companies such as Savback Helicopters, Fogwise and Sunsafe.

Featuring both website designs, digital marketing projects and graphic designs such as logos.

Self-initiated Projects

Laura’s self-initiated projects have always featured as a creative release and features work that is both functional and fictional in its purpose.

Including a fictional video game, a internet personality personal website and a fan concept website for Slow Magic.


Another goal for the portfolio is to become a collection of resources and other information gathering. Learning as a life long activity, and the things we learn directly and indirectly affect our work.

We call this “Focus”, and by including this in the portfolio, the aim is to give a intimate look into the person behind the work.

Focus are nine categories of history, work, projects and resources.

Brand Identity

The brand for Laura Ljungqvist Design combines the rainbow colors in the shape of two letter L’s, for her name. These represent her name, and her personality.

The heart shape symbolizes Laura’s enthusiastic, creative and caring personality, and the passion for her work.

Laura Ljungqvist Design Logo


The initial design was light and inspired by material design. I wanted to both printed and digital materials to be cohesive, and for print purposes I opted for a light design to minimize elements of color.

Ethical Design

The later iteration of the project included a dark and light theme toggle. This was to both attempted to simplify the design of elements and use of color. It was also to be considerate of the viewer, and learn more of the practical implications of ethical design on the design process.

Dark Theme

Currently the printed materials remain a light theme for print purposes. However I have decided to focus completely on a dark theme only. This is purely a selfish choice, because  I prefer it. I think if there is any space I should fully chase my own aesthetics and curiosity, it’s in the work  that represents me as a brand.

Laura Ljungqvist Design landing page
landing page

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This design includes movement and is best viewed on the live website.